Tuscan Cuisine, 11 places for the best in Florence!

Just on the south bend of the river Arno lies Il Santo Bevitore - with a creative rustic menu which will tempt your taste buds. The décor is stylish with candlelit tables, perfect for romantic evenings. Speciality dishes include cauliflower soup, chicken liver terrine and a gorgeous fennel creme brûlée.More Details>
If you are a typical foodie you must see Mercato Centrale, a produce market stacked with every famous Tuscan delicacy. From olive oil to aromatic white truffles you will be spoiled for choice. Da Nerbonne is in the market - perfect for breakfast or lunch as you browse the stalls.More Details>
Near Santa Croce, Entoca Pinchiorri invites you to dine in its refined and ornate establishment. Sample authentic Tuscan dishes like smoked goose liver and chickpea and pasta soup, and enjoy sample tasters between your courses. Don’t forget to order a bottle of wine, the restaurant cellar contains over 100,000 bottles.More Details>
A wonderful restaurant which allows you to sample many regional speciality dishes. The Tuscan hams and wines are popular for sharing, ask for the wines which were produced in their own vineyard. The restaurant is quite difficult to find as there are no signs, however persevere, it is worth it.More Details>
A Tuscan treasure of a trattoria set in a quiet area of Florence away from the main bustle of tourist attractions. Cross the river to experience chicken with truffles, superb pasta and nonna cake. An intimate Tuscan dining experience with a relaxed atmosphere which everyone in the family can enjoy.More Details>
Just a few moments from the central area of Piazza Signoria is Ristorante Wine Bar Frescobaldi. The setting is elegant and the menu and food plentiful. A wide variety of local cured meats, piping hot pasta and Italian beef dishes are on offer, paired with full-bodied and flavoursome local wines.More Details>
Imagine a traditional Italian restaurant with hanging hams, shared marble topped wooden tables and lively, animated conversation and you are describing Alla Vecchia Bettola perfectly. It's a classic Florentine Osteria, bound by the original traditions of simple, good quality home cooked Italian food - what more could you ask for?More Details>
Tucked away in a narrow alley is Da Vinattieri, a hole-in-the-wall establishment with stools on the pavement. However, don't be deceived by the simple exterior, the food is delicious with homemade Tuscan bread stuffed with salami, gorgonzola and artichokes and the speciality beef tripe, you are in for a treat.More Details>
At Cibreo Teatro del Sale you pay one reasonable set price and the meal spreads over 10 delectable dishes. The buffet is laid out as the chef shouts the dishes from the open kitchen. Its got a great atmosphere and wine and coffee is included in the set menu price. More Details>
All Murate's mezzanine floor is located beneath early frescoes of Dante and Boccaccio. The restaurant is located in a 14th century building which used to be the notaries guild, plus the plexiglas floors allow you to see the Roman archaeological site below. Food is classic Tuscan, fresh flavours and delicious.More Details>
The heart of Coco Lezzone is hidden away in a humble kitchen with a century old stove for cooking. Traditional Tuscan dishes have been served to oscar winners and royalty. The long wooden tables are shared between diners, allowing for engaging interactions as you tuck into wonderfully delicious Tuscan fare.More Details>

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Address Details

1 : Il Santo Bevitore

2 : Da Nerbone

3 : Enoteca Pinchiorri

4 : Cantinetta dei Verrazzano

5 : Ristorante Wine Bar dei Frescobaldi

6 : Da Vinattieri

7 : Cibreo Teatro del Sale

8 : Alle Murate

9 : Coco Lezzone