10 Rome neighbourhoods worth visiting.

The steps are a popular tourist attraction in Rome, and its iconic imagery is known by so many even before they visit.

The area has a lovely vibrant feel, there are bars, restaurants and shops nearby which everyone in the family will enjoy. During the evening many couples sit on the steps overlooking the fountain below.

It is said to be one of the most romantic places in the city. Get more details.More Details>
The epicentre of Ancient Rome, you will see some amazing views of the Forum from the viewing balcony and wonderful vistas of the city of Rome.

Discover how the wealthy of Rome lived in this neighbourhood, and take in the myriad of palace ruins and one of Europe's earliest Botanical gardens.

The house of Augustus and House of Livia are must sees with beautiful frescoes which are a sight to behold. Read on for more details.More Details>
Follow in the footsteps of Tom Hanks in the movie Angels and Demons, or recognize scenes from the movie Catch 22. You could do what most of the tourists do in this bustling square and watch the world go by with a gelato in hand.

There are many places of interest around the Piazza Navona including the fountains and the Bernini statues dating back to 1673. This is a popular nightlife spot, so come after dark if you can. More Details>
Visit the original Roman Forum and imagine the beating heart of the city as Gladiators were paraded here prior to entering the Colosseum, the elections into Roman office happened here, plus the Senate and the Republican Government began here - overnight offices, tribunals, statues and temples overtook the area. Eventually it became a city square where Romans could come to gather for all purposes of a political,commercial and judicial nature.More Details>
For amazing views of the Tiber and St. Peter's Basilica the Castel Sant?Angelo is a must see. At sunset it is particularly spectacular and atmospheric on the Angel's Bridge especially when the castle is illuminated. It is one of the best places to gain some of the best photographs of the city. Climb to the rooftop terrace to see everything and to view the statue of Hadrian. The history is intriguing it is a place definitely worth visiting.More Details>
Visit here to escape the crowds, discover where the first entry point into the ancient city of Rome was and marvel upon the many buildings surrounding the Piazza. It is reached by the Via del Corso which runs between the two churches. As it is a little quieter here you can sit by the fountain or enjoy a refreshment while admiring the beautiful architecture.More Details>
Even though this Piazza is a main thoroughfare for traffic it is worth visiting if you have an interest in Italian history. Palazzo Bonaparte was named after Letizia Bonaparte the mother of Emperor Napoleon I, she was granted asylum here and lived out the rest of her life in this building. Palazzo Venezia was once a papal residence, it was handed to Venice by Pope Pius IV and they used it as their embassy. When it was acquired by the government in 1916 Mussolini used it as his headquarters and addressed the people from the balcony.More Details>
Visit the Altar of the Fatherland simply for the fact that it is unlike many other buildings in the city, it has a fascinating history you can view the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, stroll through the impressive colonnades and even visit the Museum of Italian Reunification. The pi?ce de r?sistance has to be the splendour of the view from the rooftop which affords some of the best views in Rome.More Details>
The Parco Regionale dell'Appia Antica is a wonderful trip outside of the city of Rome, it shows that there are many ancient areas remaining outside of the city, among protected countryside for all to see. It's a wonderful place to walk or cycle, and there are places of interest to stop along the way. The road itself can be quieter during certain times of the year so you can imagine how it was to trek the Roman Road almost 3000 years ago.More Details>
The fascinating history of ancient Rome you always read about or saw in the movies took place on or around Capitoline Hill. During ancient times the main features were the Temples and the Tabularium which was the city records archive. Most structures you can see today are from the Renaissance period, the Plaza Del Campidoglio is laid out by Michelangelo and he positioned the bronze equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius in the center.More Details>

Map : Neighborhoods To Walk Around

Address Details

1 : Spanish Steps
Piazza di Spagna, 00187, Rome

2 : Palatine Hill
Palatine Hill, 00186 Rome, Italy, Rome

3 : Piazza Navona
Piazza Navona, Rome

4 : Roman Forum
Via della Salara Vecchia, 5/6,, Rome

5 : Castel Sant Angelo
Lungotevere Castello, 50, 00193, Rome

6 : Piazza Venezia
Piazza Venezia, Rome

7 : Altar of the Fatherland
Piazza Venezia, 00186, Rome

8 : Parco Regionale dell Appia Antica
Via Appia Antica, 42, 00178, Rome

9 : Capitoline Hill
Capitoline Hill, 00186 Rome, Italy, Rome