Popular Top Tens for Rome - 2016

The colosseum is the unmissable symbol of Rome. A circus or a sports arena, depending on when you slice history, it offers unique insights into the workings of Ancient Rome. The history of the structure and how it was almost destroyed on many occasions is both fascinating and intriguing.

Located close to the Roman Forum, the Colosseum at its peak could hold between 50-80,000 spectators. It was used for gladiatorial contests, re-enactments of battles and public spectacles.

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The Pantheon was used as a tomb during the Renaissance years, many painters, composers and architects were laid to rest there.

During the 15th century paintings were brought into the Pantheon, the most well known is the Annunciation by Melozzo da Forli. Many architects and artists looked to the Pantheon for inspiration to their own works.

It has rich historical significance to the city which makes it the 2nd most popular attraction in Rome. Read the details for interesting facts.More Details>
The Renaissance - Baroque facade is incredibly impressive and the central dome can be seen across Rome as it dominates the skyline of Vatican city.

There is much to view here, from the chapels including the Choir Chapel, The Baptistery and the Clementine Chapel, to the high altar and marble staircases leading to the underground chapel. You can even climb the dome or see the grottos where the Popes are buried..

Even if you don't have a religious interest, you should make time to visit St. Peter's Basilica. Read the details section for practical information to plan your visit.More Details>
This world famous, iconic fountain marks the end point of one of the aqueducts which used to supply water to the ancient city of Rome. If not for anything, visit to just take in the atmosphere.

The fountain is a work of art in itself, with its striking backdrop of the Palazzo Poli and its sculptures which are an attraction and discussion point unto themselves.

Millions of coins are tossed into the Trevi every year, each toss for a reason. The Trevi has been in many films over the decades and continues to be must-visit spot on a visit to Rome. Read on to learn about the famous coin tossing tradition.More Details>
Home to the breathtaking Sistine Chapel, other gallery rooms of the Museums are also incredible in their own right. See the famous Spiral Stairs, the Sala Rotund shaped like the Pantheon, the gilded statue of Hercules, the ancient mosaic floor, and much more.

The Gallery of the Statues and cabinet of the masks is also in this museum. The Museo Chiaramonti showcases ancient stone tablets and inscriptions, as well as important statues situated in the Braccio Nuovo.

An unplanned visit can get overwhelming, taking a guided tour or planning in advance is highly recommended. Get more insight in our details section.More Details>
Everyone must visit the Sistine Chapel once in their lifetime. And if there is only one thing you must see in The Sistine Chapel, head straight to view the ceiling painted by Michelangelo.

Also view the series of frescoes from famous Renaissance era painters such as Botticelli, Roseli and Ghirlandaio. The frescoes include a depiction of the Life of Moses and the Life of Christ which dates back to 1482.

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The Borghese Gallery is a treat for those with an interest in Renaissance Art or Bernini. Other important works are by Caravaggio, Raphael and Titian.

In addition the Villa Borghese Gardens are magnificent with incredible lush landscapes, ornate squares and temples for you to explore, once you have seen everything the wonderful gallery has to offer.

Read on to know about the 3 most famous works of art at Borghese.More Details>
The steps are a popular tourist attraction in Rome, and its iconic imagery is known by so many even before they visit.

The area has a lovely vibrant feel, there are bars, restaurants and shops nearby which everyone in the family will enjoy. During the evening many couples sit on the steps overlooking the fountain below.

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Visit to view one of the most extensive private art collections in Rome, especially if you are a lover of Caravaggio's work.

Discover how the other half lived, in a tour of the apartment residences. Marvel at the exterior building from the pretty courtyard area where you can relax.

This branch of Roman aristocracy retained its estates. Find out more.More Details>
The epicentre of Ancient Rome, you will see some amazing views of the Forum from the viewing balcony and wonderful vistas of the city of Rome.

Discover how the wealthy of Rome lived in this neighbourhood, and take in the myriad of palace ruins and one of Europe's earliest Botanical gardens.

The house of Augustus and House of Livia are must sees with beautiful frescoes which are a sight to behold. Read on for more details.More Details>
Follow in the footsteps of Tom Hanks in the movie Angels and Demons, or recognize scenes from the movie Catch 22. You could do what most of the tourists do in this bustling square and watch the world go by with a gelato in hand.

There are many places of interest around the Piazza Navona including the fountains and the Bernini statues dating back to 1673. This is a popular nightlife spot, so come after dark if you can. More Details>

Map : Rome Top Ten

Address Details

1 : Roman Colosseum
Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184, Rome

2 : Pantheon
Piazza della Rotonda, 00186, Rome

3 : St Peters Basilica
Piazza San Pietro, 00120 Citta del Vaticano, Vatican City, Rome

4 : Trevi Fountain
Piazza di Trevi, 00187, Rome

5 : Vatican Museums
Viale Vaticano, 00165, Rome

6 : Sistine Chapel
Viale Vaticano , 00120 Vatican City, Rome

7 : Borghese Gallery and Museum
Piazzale del Museo Borghese, 5, 00197, Rome

8 : Spanish Steps
Piazza di Spagna, 00187, Rome

9 : Doria Pamphilj Gallery
Via del Corso, 305, 00186, Rome

10 : Palatine Hill
Palatine Hill, 00186 Rome, Italy, Rome

11 : Piazza Navona
Piazza Navona, Rome