In use today as a Catholic church, the Pantheon was once used as a Renaissance tomb for famous creatives from the era. A must see attraction in Rome.

Know Before You Go

Highlights include the exterior building, the sculptures and oculus inside.
You can sit down while inside, so can take your time wandering around at your own pace.
The Pantheon gets busy so bear this in mind when you plan your visit. Come early if travelling independently.
If you can hire a guide do so as there is a fascinating history to learn.
Children will enjoy the building but more so the gelaterias in the piazza outside.

Interesting Facts

  • #1 : The dome of Pantheon remains the largest unsupported dome in the world! The diameter of the dome is 43.30 meters or 142ft.

  • #2 : To support the massive support, ancient engineers lightened the dome as much as possible by decreasing thickness progressively. Also, the materials used in the upper part of the dome are lot lighter.

  • #3 : The height to the oculus and the diameter of the interior circle are the same, 43.3 metres (142 ft).

  • #4 : An optical effect can be viewed on April 21, the founding date of Rome. At noon, the sun strikes a metal grille above the doorway, saturating the courtyard outside with light. Ancient Roman aristocracy used this phenomenon to time the Emperor's presence at the entrance of the Pantheon, and reinforce his might in the eyes of the watching public.

  • #5 : The Roman Pantheon inspired many architects for generations - including the architect of the famous Florence Duomo

Key Highlights

The Pantheon was used as a tomb during the Renaissance years, many painters, composers and architects were laid to rest there.

During the 15th century paintings were brought into the Pantheon, the most well known is the Annunciation by Melozzo da Forli. Many architects and artists looked to the Pantheon for inspiration to their own works.

It has rich historical significance to the city which makes it the 2nd most popular attraction in Rome. Read the details for interesting facts.

Map : Pantheon

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These distances are approximate [As the crow flies]

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"In use today as a Catholic church, the Pantheon was once used as a Renaissance tomb for famous creatives from the era. A must see attraction in Rome." is how the author has summarized this attraction. Contact Website directly for additional information.