Made famous in popular culture by its appearances in Hollywood films, the Trevi is a visual spectacle with its sculptures, and a magnet for hordes of locals and tourists.

Know Before You Go

There are so many sculptures which flank the Trevi Fountain which are all stunning. The legend of the fountain is to throw a coin into the water over your shoulder and you will always return to Rome.
The Trevi Fountain is always busy with tourists, it is especially atmospheric in the evening when it is lit up.
Take a guide to discover the meanings of all of the sculptures which sit above the fountain on the palace facade.
Children will enjoy throwing the coins into the fountain and running about the lively square.
Behind the fountain stands Palazzo Poli, in the centre an arch is superimposed onto the palace facade with Oceanus, Abundance spilling water and Salubrity holding a cup up from which a snake drinks. Also featured are illustrations of the ancient Roman Aqueducts.

Coin Tradition

Originally, it was said that a glass of water from the Trevi Fountain would ensure good fortune and a fast return to Rome. Over the course of time, this practice was replaced with the tossing of a coin.

A coin thrown in Trevi Fountain, over one's left shoulder while standing with one's back to the Trevi Fountain, will ensure return to Rome.

The legend then got extended. If you want to romance a Roman, toss two coins and if you want to marry him or her, then toss three coins!

It all goes to charity

Revenues of the superstitious act of tossing coins add up to 600,000 Euros each year. The entire money is all handed to the Roman Catholic charity, Caritas. Caritas runs food and social programs for the needy and oppressed in 200 countries and territories worldwide.

For the newlyweds

According to the tradition, newlyweds must drink water from the Trevi, then smash the glass. This will ensure that couple remain loyal to each other.

Trevi in popular culture

Famous scenes from many films have been shot at the Trevi.
- Anita Ekberg jumps into the Trevi Fountain, fully clad, in La Dolce Vita.
- Trevi also features in Roman Holiday, Three Coins in the Fountain and The Lizzie McGuire Movie.
- There is a Trevi replica at Epcot, Disney

Key Highlights

This world famous, iconic fountain marks the end point of one of the aqueducts which used to supply water to the ancient city of Rome. If not for anything, visit to just take in the atmosphere.

The fountain is a work of art in itself, with its striking backdrop of the Palazzo Poli and its sculptures which are an attraction and discussion point unto themselves.

Millions of coins are tossed into the Trevi every year, each toss for a reason. The Trevi has been in many films over the decades and continues to be must-visit spot on a visit to Rome. Read on to learn about the famous coin tossing tradition.

Map : Trevi Fountain

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