Grand Canal

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The arterial canal of Venice, and the way to view most landmarks, stretching from the railway station to St. Marks Church.

Know Before You Go

Don't leave Venice without a ride on a gondola, it is what the city is famous for. Plus you will have the charming gondolier explaining the local history and singing to you as you sail along.
Gondolas and water taxis can be found on any main stretch of the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge to the entrance to St. Mark's Square.
Approach Venice via the Grand Canal to St. Mark's Square for the most iconic view of the city.
Children of all ages will love to sail in a gondola and taxi on the Grand Canal.
Read the section below for Gondola ride watchouts

The main traffic corridor of Venice

The Grand Canal forms the main traffic water corridors of Venice. All public transport is provided by gondolas and water taxis.The canal is 3.8km long and between 30- 90 meters wide, it is the only way from which to view the real Venice. One side of the canal leads into Saint Mark's Basin, the other into the lagoon close to Santa Lucia railway station. The canal banks are lined with over 170 structures dating between the 13th and 18th century, including many palaces.

A Vaporetto (water taxi) ride

A vaporetto or water taxi is the best transport option in Venice, apart form being an efficient way to see the Grand Canal and its sights. Children enjoy being on the vaporetto, the best seats are at the end of the boat outside the main cabin.

The 7 day Vaporetto ticket

If you are staying even more than a couple of days in Venice, buy the 7 day ticket for unlimited rides on both lines. Linea Uno or line 1 takes less than an hour to travel the Grand Canal end to end, from Ferrovia to San Marco. Line 2 takes you to Lido Islands on the Adriatic Sea, a nice summer escape for the locals.

What about a Gondola ride?

The Gondola is the easiest and most romantic image of Venice that coming to mind. Until modern boats arrived, gondolas were the primary form of transport in Venice, far from romantic in those days! A ride with a singer-storyteller gondolier across the waters is an experience to remember but is not cheap.

- Gondola ride watchouts

As with any popular tourist activity in any city, you need to look before you leap into a gondola. make sure to agree the price in advance, in fact you should write it down. Also agree on how long the trip should be, and what the start and end time is. And write that down as well.

- Rates change

Sunset, as expected is prime time to ride in a Gondola. Pricing increase as the evening progresses, notably after 7pm. Typical Gondolas take unto 6 passengers, in blocks of 30 minute rides.

- Questions or complaints

The good news is that gondolas and gondoliers are regulated in Venice. You can call Ente Gondola +39-041-528-5075; if you have questions or complaints.

Key Highlights

The Grand Canal is the lifeline of Venice. Apart from being the main waterway for traffic and commerce, it is also lined by the most iconic Venetian monuments.

You cannot but travel on the Grand Canal. When you do, look out for the sights and pick the best seat on the Vaporetto. Or you could that famous, romantic Gondola ride.

What is a Vaporetto, what is a Gondola, should I ride one? Get practical information and tips on our details page.

Map : Grand Canal

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Distance of other top ten Attractions from Grand Canal
Teatro la Fenice0.3 Km
Basilica dei Frari0.4 Km
Scuola Grande di San Rocco0.5 Km
Saint Mark's Basilica0.6 Km
Gallerie dell Accademia0.7 Km
Doge's Palace0.7 Km
Bridge of Sighs0.7 Km
Church of San Giorgio Maggiore1.2 Km
Murano3 Km

These distances are approximate [As the crow flies]

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"The arterial canal of Venice, and the way to view most landmarks, stretching from the railway station to St. Marks Church." is how the author has summarized this attraction.