Instantly recognized the world over by its bell tower. With gold floor mosaics and opulent interior, location and architecture that have all influenced the city in many ways.

Know Before You Go

Must sees include the Treasures and Pala d Oro, over 8000 sq meters of mosaics developed throughout 8 centuries of the Basilica's history, the Campanile bell tower and St. Marks Chapel of Music.
The basilica sports more than 40,000 square feet of mosaics inside.
Try to time your visit for when the lights are switched on to see it in its true glory, the light bounces of the gold tiles and it is spectacular to view.
Entry free but it costs five Euros to go up to the balconies. Bring your camera as the balcony offers uncommon and refreshing perspective of St. Mark s Square.
Tickets can be booked as part of a guided tour or directly with the Basilica.
The tour would be enjoyed by older children with an interest in history, art, architecture and music.

Italo-Byzantine Architecture

St Mark's Cathedral is the most famous structure in Venice, it was first ordered by the Doge in 828 and completed by 832, it is the Cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice with a wonderful combination of Italo-Byzantine architecture.

Distinctive bell tower, intricate architecture

It lies to the eastern side of the Piazza San Marco with the Doge's Palace. With its distinctive campanile bell tower, arches, intricately designed mosaics, sculptures and architectural splendour - no visit to the city would be complete without seeing it.

The story of Saint Mark’s relic

Mark the Evangelist was martyred in Alexandria and his remains were stealthily taken away from the church, which was to be demolished by the caliphate. Tribunus and Rusticus were the venetian merchants who secretly carried the relic on a Venetian ship, braving many dangers like storms and searches by Muslim officials. The story is depicted on a mosaic at the entrance to the church.

Key Highlights

Basilica di San Marco is instantly recognized by its bell tower. Dedicated to the patron saint of Venice, this Cathedral is a unique structure that has influenced the city in religion, art, architecturally and musically since the times of the Renaissance.

With gold floor mosaics and opulent interior it has also been named the Church of Gold. It should be the first port of call for any visitor to Venice.

Read on to find out more and learn the story of Saint Mark's relic.

Map : Saint Mark's Basilica

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"Instantly recognized the world over by its bell tower. With gold floor mosaics and opulent interior, location and architecture that have all influenced the city in many ways." is how the author has summarized this attraction. Contact Website directly for additional information.