They really like their Gin and Tonic at this bar, and they make them large at Xixbar, a favourite with local youth.

Know Before You Go

Conveniently located close to other places (right across from Lolita) that could well be on your trail.
Try their infused gins - chocolate, carrot, grapefruit, and more. Even non-gin drinkers rate them highly.
The interior is quite 'funky' or you could even sit on the sidewalk.
For those who just can't do gin, they have a good selection of single malts.
Known as the Diecinueve Bar and the best gin and tonic cocktail bar in Barcelona, Xixbar (pronounced “chicks”) is a play on the street number among other things. Located in a former granja (milk bar), they offer an incredible choice of over 40 types of Gin that can be combined with any of the four different tonics offered then served in huge glasses. You can choose from any of the house made flavored gins including chocolate, carrot, grapefruit, lime, cucumber, strawberry, cinnamon, etc. Usually filled with mostly Catalans, this small bar has a young and exciting atmosphere, where you can relax with a gin and tonic and hang out with friends.

Key Highlights

Known as the best gin and tonic bar in Barcelona, Xixbar offers an incredible choice of over 40 types of gin with house made flavors including grapefruit, cucumber, chocolate, carrot, and cinnamon, just to name a few.

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