Bar Pastis

Another popular Pastis and Absinthe bar, Bar Pastis is a recreation of 1960's Paris with the singing and dancing that makes it a great stop.

Know Before You Go

In the Raval area, off La Rambla, towards the beach end.
Drinks are reasonable considering the history is what you are there for.
The place is tiny, dark, and stuck in time. Check their site for the live music schedule
Do not expect much by way of service or attentiveness.
Around the corner from El Cangrejo is a place modeled off a typical pre-war Marseille bar called Bar Pastis. Opened in 1947, this petite and artsy bar, about the size of a small living room, is decked out with paintings, sketches, and prints. Often they host intimate gigs like chanteuses and tangos, but most nights around 10:30pm you relax with a drink and listen to the music. Choose from a good draught beer, various French wines and spirits, or partake in the owner’s own labeled absinthe or pastis. Those who are curious, romantic, lost, restless, or brave stop by Bar Pastis, including two members of the band R.E.M, who once called in to try the absinthe. They have a loyal local following among the young Torinese, transvestites and prostitutes. Don’t let that scare you off, it’s worth a try if nothing else than to experience their take on 1960s Paris.

Key Highlights

Bar Pastis is a tiny, artsy bar around the corner from El Cangrejo. You can choose from draught beer, various French wines and spirits, or the owner’s own absinthe or pastis label while you watch an intimate gig like a chanteuse or tango, or listen to the music at night.

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