Harlem Jazz Club

An underground-looking jazz club in the Gothic Quarter, that does a lot more than jazz, always popular with the crowd even if you just land up not knowing what to expect.

Know Before You Go

Located right in the center of the Gothic Quarter, you don't need to 'plan' for an evening here.
They play jazz, blues, funk, soul, and a lot more.
The ambience is cosy, intimate and friendly, with an underground vibe and lots of smiling and laughing.
Go early for a chair as the stools are somewhat uncomfortable. Though the best bands play past 11pm.
Located on a back street in Barcelona’s labyrinthine Barri Gotico is Harlem Jazz Club. Descending on the venue six night a week, the hard to find location doesn’t deter local and international music lovers. The space is mid-sized with a small front bar area and a stage in the back, surrounded by tables and lots of standing room. A very intimate underground vibe is created with minimal stage lighting, dim lamps over the bar, and clouds of smoke (which should be expected in a jazz club!). Live music comes in a variety of genres not just jazz and blues, but also funk, soul, flamenco, gypsy music, and folk. No matter the genre, musicians deliver high-quality performances that always move the fun loving crowd to clapping along, whooping, or dancing to the rhythm. On weekends after the show, salsa music takes over and a Latin party erupts in the place.

Key Highlights

If you’re looking for live music, check out the Harlem Jazz Club. They have a very intimate underground vibe and exceptional, professional musicians play various genres, not just jazz and blues, six nights a week. On weekends check out the Latin party and clap along or dance to the rhythm!

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