Boadas Cocktail Bar

An art deco bar frequented by Hemingway and Miro, they have the best daiquiris. And a dress code!

Know Before You Go

Great location, central yet hidden, at the city end of La Rambla.
The cocktails are authentic and not overpriced.
The decor is classic with a vintage feel to it, the barmen with bowties makes it seem like the 1930's.
The bar is tiny (go early) and you will find more locals than tourists.
Boadas, one of the city’s oldest cocktail bars, is renowned for their daiquiris. Miguel Boadas, Havana born to Catalan parents, became the first barman at the immortal La Floridita, established the bar in 1933. Back in the day both Hemingway and Miró stopped in for a drink. Today it’s like stepping back in time with the Art Deco décor and bow-tied bartenders serving unique drink creations to those who follow the dress code, which was instituted in an attempt to deter the hordes of tourists. In addition to their daiquiris, classic cocktails such as a mojito, old fashioned, amaretto sour, gin martini, and their daily special the “Dracula” are made to perfection by the bartenders who add a little flair to their pouring and mixing skills. So raise a glass and toast in the Cuban tradition, “salud, por que la belleza sobra” (to your health, since you’re already so beautiful).

Key Highlights

One of the city’s oldest cocktail bars, Boadas, named after its Havana born founder, opened in 1933 and is renowned for their daiquiris. Bow-tied bartenders mix classic cocktails and their daily special, the “Dracula,” to perfection in this Art Deco bar. Be aware, a dress code was instituted to deter tourists.

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