Dry Martini

A classy place for the 'best' dry martinis in Barcelona, Dry Martini is rated amongst the top cocktail bars globally.

Know Before You Go

Located off the diagonal, not very close to main attractions.
The place and the bartenders are all precise, classy, sophisticated, elegant....yet not pretentious at all.
A retro atmosphere and great cocktails, as expected. Food is not their strong suit.
They look like they might have a dress code, but they don't.
Internationally recognized as one of the best cocktail bars on the planet, Dry Martini is the gentleman’s bar in Barcelona. With a formal ambience, the bar staff wear white coats, and décor reminiscent of old time speakeasies with plush green leather lounges, it’s definitely a classy place to stop in for drinks before dinner or the club. The house drink is of course the dry martini which is the best in Barcelona, but if the martini is not your drink of choice they offer plenty of other classic cocktails such as the gin and tonic, which comes in a huge mug-sized glass.

Owner and barman Javier de las Muelas is a force to be reckoned with, producing perfectly concocted creations, it’s no wonder that Dry Martini has become such a rock star under his guidance. James Bond might want to rethink his choice in martinis.

Key Highlights

Recognized internationally as one of the best cocktail bars in the world, Dry Martini is the place to go for a classy evening with classic drinks. The house drink is of course the dry martini, but there are many other classic cocktails to choose from. If you do order a martini, remember to get it shaken, not stirred.

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