Ginger Cocktail Bar

A 70's looking classic cocktail bar in the Gothic Quarter, Ginger is multi level, jazz heavy and dog friendly.

Know Before You Go

In the back streets of the Gothic Quarter, Ginger can be easily missed if you don't look out.
Ginger is known for large sized cocktails, unique seafood Tapas, and their must try Ginger Pimms.
Designed like it's the thirties, it has comfortable sofas and dim lights.
Located in the Barri Gótic in Barcelona, Ginger is one of the most classic cocktail and wine bars in the old town. This is not your formal restaurant, decorated in a very 70s chic way, a rather cozy multi-level setting with dim lighting, jazz music playing not too loudly, and incredible food.

Ginger even has two entrances: one that leads to the “regular bar,” and another to the wine bar. Try the apple tart with foie gras, the tuna tataki, fresh tapas or ask for the weekly kitchen special, all are delicious! With your meal, enjoy a glass of wine or cava from their long list of options, or a cocktail. Catering to both tourists and regulars, who occasionally can bring in their dogs, just makes the bar even cozier. Not to worry though, the dogs are very friendly and well behaved. Ginger is definitely the Rita Hayworth of bars.

Key Highlights

One of the most classic cocktail and wine bars in Barri Gótic is Ginger. Walk into one of two entrances, you’ll see the very cozy 70s chic décor, dim lighting, jazz music that is not too loud, and incredible food and drinks make this place the Rita Hayworth of bars.

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