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Unmistakably Gaudi, this unfinished colony for workers is a worthy destination to visit if you have time to wander a bit outside the city.

Know Before You Go

To a lot of people, the Crypt is the best part of the place.
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Unless you are a major Gaudi-phile with a half day to spare you can skip it.
A stop-by on your way to Montserrat.
Gaudi’s last major project was Colonia Guell, a textile complex that was in the works for industrialist Eusebi Guell. Located outside of Barcelona in the village of Santa Coloma de Cervello, Guell had decided to move his El Vapor Vell cotton factory from the Sants neighborhood in Barcelona to the village, turning it into a utopian worker’s complex. Gaudi’s main role in the project was to build the church, Colonia Guell. However, eight years into the project the idea was abandoned, and Gaudi was only able to complete the crypt. Supporting the ribbed vaults in the ceilings, mostly brick-clad columns incline at various angles, much like the way trees in a forest lean. The columns show Gaudi’s genus, as the angles were worked out so the load is transmitted from the ceiling to the ground without the need for extra buttressing. Also showcasing Gaudi’s signature designs of bright primary colors and influences from nature are the wavy pews and the plant-shaped stained glass windows in primary colors. While unfinished, Gaudi genius is still evident in this beautiful work of architecture.

Key Highlights

Gaudi’s last major project was the church, Colonia Guell, for the textile complex located in the village of Santa Coloma de Cervello outside Barcelona. While unfinished, his genus is still present in the tree like columns of the crypt, the plant-shaped stained glass windows, and the wavy pews.

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