Palau de la Musica

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A stunning combination of architecture and art, it would be ideal to catch a performance here. If not, just the guided tour is worth it.

Know Before You Go

A wonderful break from Gaudi, you can enter only with the tour or for a performance.
The inverted stained glass dome is the highlight of the place.
Try and catch a performance it's the best way to see the place and is not expensive compared to most other cities.
Walk around and take pictures during the intermission.
Built for the Orfeo Catala musical society between 1905 and 1908 by Domenech i Montaner, the Palau de la Musica is a highlight of Barcelona’s modernista architecture and was regarded as a temple for the Catalan Renaissance. Built in the cloisters of the former Convent de Sant Francesc with the help of some of Barcelona’s best artisans during that time, Palau de la Musica is a gorgeous work of art. The outside facade of the palau features a sculpture representing Catalan popular music, stunning mosaics and floral capitals. Inside visitors can admire the tiled pillars in the foyer and restaurant areas, as well as the beautifully colored auditorium upstairs with stained glass windows and a gorgeous skylight. On stage, above a bust of Beethoven is a wind-blown sculpture of Wagner’s Valkyries that can only be admired while taking a guided tour or seeing a performance. A true symphony of architecture!

Key Highlights

A symphony of architecture, the Palau de la Musica is a highlight of Barcelona’s modernista style and was regarded as a temple of the Catalan Renaissance. Some of the best Catalan artisans helped create the gorgeous interior and exterior that can be admired either through a guided tour or performance.

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