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Lolita is a Tapas bar and party place with dancing rolled into one. Not quite what you'd expect of a Tapas Bar, and that's what has made it so popular.

Know Before You Go

Lolita is an unassuming spot, in Eixample location. Know where you are going before you head there.
The mini burgers seem to be a rage, so is the eggplant with molasses. The deserts and cocktails are good too.
A fun atmosphere with puckered 'Lolita' lips on the walls.
There is not much seating much of it is on bar stools.
Run by one of the guys behind the insanely popular tapas place Inopia and occupying its former location, Lolita Taperia has quickly become a new insanely popular tapas place. The playful atmosphere is reflected in the simple, modern decor as well as the trademarked puckered lips seen all around the place. Tons of international tourists mix in with the regulars, a mixture of stylish foodies and hip local. With a complex menu, from avocado and quail egg to rabbit with snails, or the section dedicated to only olives and anchovies, or the list of desserts such as open pineapple drenched in molasses, this is not your typical tapas joint. There’s more to do than just stuff your face! Late at night Lolita turns the party on when the lights dim, rounds of cocktails are served, and dancing to the music of the DJ ensues. Definitely not your typical tapas place!

Key Highlights

An incredibly popular tapas place, Lolita Taperia stands where the also incredibly popular Inopia once stood. With a complex menu, playful atmosphere, and simple yet modern decor, no wonder the regulars are a mixture of foodies and hip locals. Late night turns into a party with cocktails and a DJ!

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