Palacio del Flamenco

Have a quick bite, take in the atmosphere and warm up to the real performance at the Palacio. The food is quick and not why you are here!

Know Before You Go

The venue is centrally located, off the diagonal and easy to access from many attractions.
The performance is passionate and intense, with a good view from every seat in the house.
The interior is simple and functional, with the focus on the performance.
Parking is easily available across the street.
There is an option to skip dinner though seating is usually better with dinner. Also the dinner menu has a pre-dinner session about the history of flamenco; they also teach you some basic dancing steps, instruments, etc.
Near the Diagonal and Paseo de Gracia, Palacio del Flamenco is dedicated exclusively to the flamenco world in the heart of Barcelona. The focus is more on the atmosphere created by the show after dinner, not so much the dining experience as a series of long dinner tables are lined up in front of the stage. You get about 25 minutes for dinner, which features mainly Mediterranean and tradition cuisine, before the hour long show. There are three sessions, or shows, a night. Touted as the

Key Highlights

Dedicated exclusively to the flamenco world in the heart of Barcelona is Palacio del Flamenco. After dinner, lovers of the art form will be treated to a performance that is powerful, beautiful, and passionate. This is the place to be to get a glimpse into the dance culture of Spain.

Map : Palacio del Flamenco

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