Barcelona Erotica Museum

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An unexpected kind of museum in Barcelona, it is quite fascinating if you are the open minded sort.

Know Before You Go

Go without preconceived expectations.
The entrance is not cheap though you get a free glass of champagne.
It is interesting to see the history of eroticism of different cultures over time.
Doesn't take very long to see, an hour or two at most.
Good couples therapy, lots of funny facts that will make you giggle!
Close to the red-light district, the Erotic Museum is close to being a regular museum, despite the theme. With relics that showcase sex from around the world since ancient times such as Indian bas-reliefs showing various forms of tantric, Kama Sutra positions depicted on wood carvings from the 18th century, porcelain porn from Japan, and fornication carvings from Africa, it is a place for the open-minded. Along with the historical artifacts are some odd yet fascinating items such as studded chastity belts, a Victorian walking stick with an ivory vagina at the handle, a “pleasure chair” and photos of 1930s brothels in the city’s Barrio Chino. It’s quite an adventure to visit this museum and not for the closed minded individual.

Key Highlights

Museu de l’Erotica is not just a museum about sex objects, rather the historical depictions of the act. With ancient relics such as bas-reliefs showing tantric love from India and odd items such as studded chastity belts, there is plenty to see at this museum.

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