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A great way to spend an afternoon if you have kids 8-12 years old. From physics to the Amazon and outer space in between.

Know Before You Go

Under 16 admission is free.
Not in the centre of the city so plan your day well for the travel.
The interactive exhibits in English and Spanish are nice.
It really works only if you have 8-12 yr olds; if not then use your time someplace else unless you are a geek.
Possibly the largest science museum in Europe, the mostly underground CosmoCaxia, boasts an impressive glass enclosed ramp that spirals down six floors. First, a statue of Albert Einstein greets you in the lobby, then you make your way down to the fifth floor basement which is home to permanent spaces geared towards children and include: a Planetarium, a Geological Wall, the Clik (ages three to six) and Flash (ages seven to nine) which introduce science through games, and the Toca Toca! (Touch Touch) which educates children on safe plants and animals, there’s even a reproduction of the Amazon! The biggest highlight however, for all ages, is the sound telescope outside on the Placa de la Ciencia. These and other displays cover various fascinating areas of science, from fossils to physics to outer space. CosmoCaxia definitely “…provides the conditions in which they [visitors to the museum] can learn” as Albert Einstein says.

Key Highlights

The mostly underground CosmoCaxia houses many permanent spaces and exhibitions covering various fascinating areas of science, from fossils to physics to outer space. The permanent spaces are geared towards children and include a Planetarium, a Geological Wall, and even a reproduction of the Amazon! A very educational but fun experience!

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