Aquopolis Waterpark

A local favorite in the summer, this is not a must-do for visitors unless you have a child who really wants to go.

Know Before You Go

Book online for discounts.
Board bus 627 from Moncloa Terminal.
Keep aside the better part of day for this.
In summer, for Madrid residents, Aquopolis is a nice break from the heat, especially when there is a heat wave and the temperature shoots up.

For tourists, it is not a ‘must-do’ and can be skipped as it is just another waterpark found near all major cities. If you have to go, book online as there are discounts to be availed. By public transport, board 627 from the Moncloa bus terminal.

Key Highlights

Aquopolis is a waterpark, 35 odd Kms away from the city. Go there if you have a day to kill and a little one wanting to vent some energy.

Map : Aquopolis Waterpark

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