Parque El Capricho

El Capricho is worth the 45 minute travel from Madrid if you are a couple looking for a romantic spot on the weekend. The gardens are breathtaking.

Know Before You Go

Gardens are free entry and open on weekends only,
You cannot take food or drinks into the park.
Entry is restricted to first thousand visitors.
Although the park is not that famous among the locals, its beauty is exquisite.
It is rather small but it's beautiful.
Marie Antoniette was not the only one who wanted to have a fantasy garden with lakes and fountains. In Madrid, the duchess of Osuna built her own, ‘Parque del Capricho’, one of city´s most beautiful green secrets as a place for artists and intellectuals to gain inspiration from beautiful gardens.

El Capricho has three areas with different garden design approaches: the English, the Italian and the French. It is well preserved and opens only on weekends and holidays. You can enjoy a lake with a small cascade, a tree labyrinth and a few monuments. El Capricho is the perfect place to spend a romantic afternoon at Madrid.

Key Highlights

Parque El Capricho, located near Bajras airport - about 13 Kms north of downtown, is a romantic sylvan retreat. This park with Italian and French influences has a winding artificial river with a lake and island. The park is open only on holidays and weekends. No pets, no food, no bikes, you will have all the privacy at Parque El Capricho.

Map : Parque El Capricho

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