Del Diego Cocktail Bar

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A favourite with the locals, an authentic Madrid institution. Family run and classy!

Know Before You Go

The atmosphere is perfect for conversing without being overheard.
Order the signature Tapas.
Cocktails here are definitely worth the price.
Classy but jeans are fine.
Conveniently located in the nightlife hub Calle de la Reina.
Del Diego is just a few blocks from Gran Via, on a side street, in the mezzanine of a not so prominent building. Try their self named Diego cocktail, Vodka, Apricot Brandy, Advocat and Lime.

At Del Diego, you can order from a list or just let the bartender, del Diego himself or one of his sons, create something for you. The bar is famous for its classy style and high brow service, not to mention its gin cocktails. The location, a bit off from the Gran Via, hidden behind frosted glass and up a flight of stairs, also adds to the charm of the venue.

As with all authentic Madrid institutions, it gets going late (after 11 p.m.). As seen in most Spanish bars, customers drop in, have one drink and move on. And even though Del Diego has a reputation of being ridiculously classy, you can get away with wearing a nice pair of jeans: there’s no need to pull out your tux.

Key Highlights

A family run cocktail bar, on a secluded street, just a short block from Gran Via. The bartender as well as the bar is rated very high by local residents. Del Diego Cocktail Bar holds to the great cocktail tradition of Madrid. True to his teacher, Chicote, Fernando del Diego set out to create a bar with a true Madrid atmosphere and great mixed drinks. In Del Diego Cocktail Bar, he achieved this goal!

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