Basilica de San Francisco

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This Basilica with its massive dome, a circular nave and a chapel painted by Goya is often overlooked; but is a must-see attraction.

Know Before You Go

It may not look promising from the outside, but you will feel humbled once you get in.
The dome really stands out.
Kids entry is free.
It feels very peaceful when you go in.
The Goya artworks and paintings are breathtaking.
This recently restored and imposing baroque basilica remains one of the grandest old churches in Madrid. Its lavishly frescoed dome has been listed among the biggest domes in both Spain and the world. It is believed that a chapel was constructed here in 1217 by St Francis of Assisi. However, the present version that stands tall today was based on Francesco Sabatini designs.

Francesco gave the church a strange floor plan, with a circular nave that is surrounded by the chapels and guarded by grand statues of 12 apostles. All the chapels are decorated with frescoes along with further decorations based on unique historical styles. Goya was responsible for painting one of the more popular chapels and he even painted his image into the scene.

Make sure you visit the sacristy to view the luxury renaissance silleria, which are carved walnut seats that were used by the superiors of the church.

Key Highlights

The Basilica de San Francisco el Grande is among the most unique and grandest structures in the city of Madrid. However, most tourists often overlook it on their tours of Madrid. This is a must see attraction and it has one of the largest domes in Spain as well as the whole world.

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