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The Cathedral was built over hundreds of years and its 'mismatched' look is reflective of the different styles of architecture. This is an important monument, and worth a visit.

Know Before You Go

There isn't much information posted inside or around so do your research or use the audio guide.
Admission to the museum includes a trip up to the roof of the cathedral for a view of Madrid.
Concerts and other cultural events that are often held in the cathedral.
The Gothic exterior leads, surprisingly, to an interior in the contemporary style!
Go around the back of the cathedral for a chance to see the dome from the top.
The Catedral de la Almudena is a symbol of the Catholic Church in Madrid, but the whole building reflects the history of religion in the city.

The leaders of the Spanish Catholic Church were hesitant to build a new cathedral in Madrid after the capital of the Spanish Kingdom shifted from Toledo in the 16th century. While plans for the cathedral were drawn up, construction didn’t start until 1879 and the building was not complete until 1999.

The cathedral features bright colors on the roof and stained glass windows that recall the rich modern art tradition of Madrid, from Matisse to Picasso. The Cathedral de la Almudena is a towering building just next to the El Palacio Real. Its size, history, masterpieces of art, tradition, and importance make it a stop on every traveller’s list and impossible to miss!

Key Highlights

The Catedral de la Almudena is a major landmark in Madrid. Located just next to the El Palacio Real, it is a symbol of the religious history of the city. The outside is mismatched and done in several different styles, which reflect the hundreds of years that it took to build the cathedral.

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