Plaza de Cibeles

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The stunning plaza is the heartbeat of Madrid and the site for Real Madrid victory celebrations. It is also a walk from the key attractions in Madrid. Carry your camera, whether you are a photographer or not.

Know Before You Go

The fountain is truly magnificent when the sun sets.
Plaza de Cibeles is about as central as you can get in Madrid. It is at walking distance from all the key attractions - The Parque de Retiro, Prado museum etc. Plaza de Cibeles is a photographers delight with key attractions like iconic Cibeles Fountain; the Cibeles Palace, The Bank of Spain building, the Linares Palace and the Buenavista Palace. The plaza is impressive by day but beautiful at night when it is illuminated.

The marble Cibeles Founatin depicts the Roman goddess of fertility – Cibele (Ceres) with a scepter and a key in her hands, standing in a large chariot pulled by two lions. The fountain is in the middle of a traffic roundabout and hence very difficult to get to. The fountain of Cybele has been adopted by the football club Real Madrid, whose fans use the area to celebrate its triumphs in competitions.

Key Highlights

Located in the heart of Madrid, The Plaza de Cibeles is a photography powerhouse and a popular tourist destination. The magnificent square is situated between three districts in Madrid namely Retiro, Centro and Salamanca. The spectacular fountain of the goddess Cibele at the centre of the plaza is one of Madrid’s most beautiful and has become a Madrid icon.

Map : Plaza de Cibeles

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