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A must go for those interested in Archeology. The museum housed in a 150 year old building, underwent a major renovation recently, with outstanding results.

Know Before You Go

Very accessible and well-presented exhibits with no crowding inside.
Wide collection of historical Spanish architecture.
Nearly empty in the early hours of the day.
The renovation of this museum has transformed into an interactive multimedia source of historical information.
The National Archaeological museum was established by Isabella II in 1867. The major treasures that can be found here include the Altamira caves reproduction with its distinctive cave paintings, displays from Iberian civilization. One of the largest sections of the museum is about the Middle Ages. This section covers 4 major themes including Moorish Spain, Romanesque period, Gothic art and Visigoth culture.

The interior is surprisingly modern, thanks to a complete renovation that was completed in 2013. The layout of the museum is across two wings and three floors with an additional mezzanine. Starting with the prehistory on ground floor, displays move through later prehistory, Roman, Medieval, the Near East, Egypt and Nubia, Ancient Greece, Christian Kingdoms and modern history.

If you are interested in archaeology, plan several hours for the visit. There is so much to see so you can either do a “best of" tour or pick out your favorite eras of history.

Key Highlights

The National Archaeological Museum went for a major renovation between 2008 and 2013. Post renovation, this museum does an outstanding job of presenting information and artifacts related to human evolution. Use of multimedia makes the presentation interesting and educative. If you are interested in archaeology, plan several hours for the visit.

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