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A must see for those interested in Spanish or Maritime History. Learn how Spain became the ruler of the seas and explored the world.

Know Before You Go

The museum showcases Spain's rich naval history and power.
Well decorated rooms with maritime pieces from various historical periods.
Informative and enjoyable for the whole family, but labels are in Spanish.
It has more models and less actual ships.
Go visit the naval museum and get a maritime viewpoint on global history as well as the important naval events responsible for shaping Spain’s huge empire since 1942. In a very efficient way, through 21 decorated halls, the exhibits gives you get a complete overview of Spain great naval past, including the age of discovery. Fantastic replicas and models of vessels, scientific and nautical instruments, from caravels to galleons adorn the halls, with weaponry, navigational aids maps and artifacts found in every corner. The map of Juan de la Cosa, the earliest preserved map of the Americas, is hosted in this museum.

The naval museum is a key part of Spain’s government ministry, any visitor who wishes to enter must have valid photo identification. This means you must have your ID card with you when coming here.

Key Highlights

Madrid’s naval museum offers great insight into what made the country among the best navies in the world. The well recorded voyages have helped historians understand just how effective the Spanish were and this museum does a great job of representing those incredible voyages.

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