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A celebration of the Romantic period of art and located in the trendiest area of Madrid this is a great place to slow down.

Know Before You Go

The atmosphere is relaxed and calm.
Take in the beautiful garden with a fountain.
Great quality (but small) collection.
You do not have to worry about large crowds.
A quick research of Spain's Queen Isabella II before you go will be very useful.
Located in the heart of Madrid’s trendiest neighborhoods - Malasaña and Chueca - Museo del Romanticismo, gives you an insight into the history, art and daily life in Spain during the Romantic Era (European intellectual movement during the 1800s). The Romantic period in Spain witnessed a flowering in the arts and literature; and this museum celebrates that period with over 1,400 objects ranging from grand pianos, diamond-studded stickpins, Orientalist paintings, paisley wall hangings and toy soldiers. These collections offer an insight into the life and times of 19th century upper-class houses.

The best-known work in the collection is Goya’s San Gregorio Magno, Papa. The other equally famous one is the portrait of the 19th-century essayist Mariano José de Larra, who became the ultimate Romantic hero when he killed himself in 1837 over a love gone wrong.

Do not miss the Coffee Shop in the is nicknamed 'Romantic Cafe' for all the right reasons.

Key Highlights

A museum devoted to the Romantic period of the 19th century. Virtually every aspect of the romantic period, both public and private, is presented in the room displays, from the formal ballroom to bedrooms and a nursery. The quaint and hidden garden café at Museo del Romanticismo offers a picture perfect romantic setting.

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