A museum focused on one artist, Joaquin Sorolla, the building was his former residence. The gardens were designed by him.

Know Before You Go

Sunday morning entry is free.
This is the biggest exhibition of Sorolla's work in the world.
The lovely garden prepares the visitor well, to appreciate the art.
Museo Sorolla offers a great escape for any art lovers during their visit to Madrid. The museum focuses on one artist, Joaquin Sorolla, and inhabits his former studio and residence.

This gives visitors a feeling of how deeply the artist was invested in his work. You get to experience Sorolla’s art career in an amazing way, beginning with his teachers’ realism, switching to impressionism, and ultimately pioneering the luminist movement. Sorolla’s beach paintings are beautiful, with broad bands of light blue-green hues that reflect how the light plays on the water.

The museum offers insight to the life a Valencian painter, Sorolla, who lived between 1863 and 1923. This impressionist painter may not be as popular outside Spain, but his works are actually quite engaging.

He was largely influenced by the costumbrismo, which is an institution that emphasized on the regional traditions. He gained unmatched skills in painting, which can be seen in his displayed works.

Key Highlights

The former studio-mansion of Impressionist, Joaquin Sorolla, has been converted into a museum devoted to works of the artist. Visitors can also enjoy the gardens that surround the building, which were designed by the painter himself. The building and gardens reveals the essence of early 20th century.

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