Teatro Kapital Nightclub

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Arguably the most sought after club in Madrid. It is a favourite with tourists and locals. And with Real Madrid Footballers!

Know Before You Go

There are 7 floors, each different.
No shorts or sneakers, there's a dress code.
The cover charge is not cheap but it's worth it.
Kapital is the largest and most diverse nightclub in all of Madrid. There are seven different floors, and every floor has something different to offer.

Even though you’ll be wandering through the huge building long into the night, be sure to wear fancy shoes: there’s a dress code. You can’t go in with shorts or sneakers; you have to dress much fancier than that.

While the cover charge is a bit pricey, you’re literally paying to experience everything - from a classic Spanish cocktail bar to hip hop DJ sets, and even a “Kissing Room" - don’t be surprised if you see your favorite footballer from the Real Madrid team here: they love this club!

Key Highlights

Kapital is the place to go to get a feel for a true crosscut of Madrid nightlife. This place has everything, spread out across seven different floors of super-sensory fun. It is also a favorite among VIPs and Madrid footballers, so you never know where the evening will end up!

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