Pick from these 6 Top Flamenco shows in Madrid.

The Corral de la Moreria is the place to go in Madrid if you want to see the most awarded flamenco performance. The venue has a really intimate atmosphere, with the tables nice and close to the stage. This “dinner and a show” experience is packed almost every night, with the top flamenco performers on the menu. True to its name, the Corral de la Moreria maintains the moorish decor with 18th and 19th century decorations that are inspired by the Middle East.More Details>
The quality of flamenco performance at Casa Patas is unmatched by any other in Madrid. And despite being squeezed in by the crowd, no one ever criticizes the quality, standard of art and performances at the tablao. Casa Patas is not luxurious or pretentious. In fact, the room is so small, you can feel the energy of the performers. More Details>
Flamenco aficionados endorse Cardamomo as one of the better venues for watching a flamenco performance in Madrid. Spontaneity and raw passion of flamenco thrive in this dark, smoky bar!More Details>
Situated in the heart of Madrid, very close to the Plaza Mayor and the San Miguel Market, Tablao Las Carboneras is known for a fiery flamenco performance in an intimate setting. It is housed in the basement of the old palace of the Count of Miranda.More Details>
Casa Lucas is a small quaint bar in La Latina neighborhood with less than ten tables. Highly recommend is the calamari, and it includes an element of performance (the guy mixes it at the table). The other must try is fried pork in whiskey with onions and frites. Prices do seem a bit high. However the premium is justified considering the quality and size of servings. If you do not know what and how much to order, take the help of the friendly waitress. They will organize for a half portion of a couple of dishes so that you can taste more dishes.More Details>
Located in the heart of Madrid, Café de Chinitas is a great flamenco venue popular with celebrities such as the Spanish royal family and Bill Clinton just to mention a few. The seating arrangement at Café de Chinitas is lot better than other tablaos. Other tablaos take pride in their young performers, while Café de Chinitas recruits older performers. They believe that the older you are, the more authentic your performance.More Details>

Map : Madrid Flamenco Shows

Address Details

1 : Corral de la Moreria
c/ Morería, 17 - 28005, Madrid

2 : Casa Patas
Calle de Cañizares 10, Madrid

3 : Cardamomo Tablao Flamenco
Calle de Echegaray, 15 28014, Madrid

4 : Tablao Las Carboneras
Calle Conde de Miranda, 1, 28005, Madrid

5 : Casa Lucas
Calle de la Cava Baja 30, Madrid

6 : Café de Chinitas
Calle de Torija 7, Madrid