Try the Authentic Seville Tapas at these 5 Tapas Bars

The new fusion restaurant La Brunilda is the place to enjoy modern, fusion tapas. The Spanish specialty is constantly reinvented, and this is the trendiest place yet. You can find the restaurant in the Arenal district. If you’re undecided, ask the staff for help. They’ll be glad to recommend a dish. More Details>
El Rinconcillo is the oldest tapas restaurant. With a history of 345 years, it is the most known traditional restaurant in Seville. Locals and tourists all come together and mingle giving the place a pleasant vibe. Moreover, El Rinconcillo offers great tapas and a beautiful view.More Details>
The Enrique Becerra restaurant is situated near the Cathedral, close to the Plaza Nueva. They serve the best tapas in town, and you can either stay at the bar downstairs or have a quiet pleasant meal upstairs. The best dishes recommendations are the delicious tapas, the lamb meatballs, or the fish. The food is accompanied by a great selection of wines with over 35 types of Sherries. The prices are affordable.More Details>
With a history of 165 years, Casa Morales is a traditional restaurant that offers a great selection of wines and tapas. The old school decor enhances the atmosphere and guarantees a pleasant meal experience. The prices aren’t high, and the staff is very nice and friendly.More Details>
One of the best tapas bar, Bodeguita Romero is famous for a dish called pringá montadito - a baked roll of meat. The restaurant also has vegetarian dishes. However, the best value is the daily menu. Recipes here have been passed down through generations in the family that still runs it.More Details>

Map : Seville Tapas Bars

Address Details

1 : La Brunilda Tapas
Calle Galera, 5, 41002, Seville

2 : El Rinconcillo
Calle Gerona, 40, 41003, Seville

3 : Enrique Becerra
Calle Gamazo, 2, 41001, Seville

4 : Casa Morales
Calle García de Vinuesa, 11, 41001, Seville

5 : Bodeguita Romero
c/ Harinas 10 41001, Seville